Adriana Lima and 10 Unknown Facts About Her

The queen of Victoria’s Secret, the goddess of beauty, it’s all about Adriana Lima. This Brazilian supermodel impresses with her perfect body and stunning beauty. You seem to know all about this gorgeous woman, though we are sure these 10 unknown facts about Adriana will definitely surprise you.

1) She never dreamt to be a model and entered a model contest just to support her friend.

Adriana Lima Posing

2) She is the only child in the family.

Adriana Lima in Sexy Lingerie

3) In 2014 Lima was ranked as the second highest paid supermodel according to Forbes with earnings of $9mln.

Adriana Lima

4) Adriana has a mixture of roots: African, Indian, Swiss and even American.

Adriana Lima

6) She always reads Bible before stepping on a catwalk.

Adriana Lima in Victoria's Secret Show

7) She helps disadvantaged children.

Adriana Lima in Children's Hospital

8) In childhood she wanted to be a nun.

Adriana Lima Nun Photo Shoot

9) Adriana’s best friend is Doutzen Kroes

Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes

10) Lima considers all Victoria’s Secret girls hr second family.

Adriana Lima and Victoria's Secret Girls

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